Redveil - Niagara

Quarantine has opened up my ears to a lot of new artists and probably a third of the artists I listen to now I found on social media. This new age of music product we are about to see will be strongly influenced by how we consume music and media in high quantities. One artist that I have found from twitter is 16 year old Maryland native, Redveil. This artist is on the come up as a lyrical wonderkid with a great knack for flow and beat selection. On August 25th, he released his album Niagara on all platforms. The rapper exclaimed on twitter his excitement towards the album below:

Not only does this album have it all but it’s received great praise from hard hitters of the genre like Dom McLennon from LA rap group Brockhampton. My favorite track from this project is the intro “Campbell” of course, soup homage songs are a requirement nowadays. Go give this kid a stream, he is for sure going to be on the come up soon.

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