Nutso - Westup

Nutso Thugn‘s months of April and May have been an absolute highlight in Atlanta Rap. Two projects, the collaborative EP Apes and Snakes with Fluhkunxhkos and his solo album Thugn, along with a handful of videos have put Nutso miles ahead of his competition in the category of consistency.

The single “Westup” off Apes and Snakes got the green light in early May for a visual which dropped to director Darko’s youtube two weeks ago. The video features Nutso and Fluhkunxhkos exchanging verses in the crib with their squad. Since then, Nutso has shifted most of his focus on releasing visuals for the fan favorite singles off his solo album. Off of Thugn, music videos “223”, “Season”, and “Right or Wrong” all dropped within the last two weeks. Be sure to check the visual out below!

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