Nutso Thugn & Fluhkunxhkos - Apes & Snakes

2020 has been the year for EP’s in Atlanta, and one that stands out to me is Apes & Snakes, a collab project between Nutso Thugn and Fluhkunxhkos. The 6 song EP was Nutso’s first drop since his hit album Fat2o, released earlier this year. There’s no doubt that the two complement each other’s energy in songs like “Apes and Snakes” and “Milly Rok”, while capturing raw aggressive lyrics and delivering on keys laid down by Stardom’s chrisclay. The project opens with “Westup”, a slow tempo but hard hitting track to set the tone of the tape. The two linking up does the city justice, displaying unique sounds while still keeping it “in-house” and using their range of flow to give a taste of what the two have in store for the rest of the year, both individually and as a team. Although it only came out this month, Apes & Snakes is my pick for Best EP so far in the city.

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