Updated: Apr 16, 2020

ATL Producer chrisclay. Announces Collaborative EP Everybody Hates Chris on all Platforms 12/03.

Atlanta based producer & engineer chrisclay. has announced the release date for his first collaborative project, Everybody Hates Chris, on all streaming platforms December 03, 2019. In 2019, the producer has blessed fans with two beat tapes, Startrak and Isthatchris? (a tribute to his beat tag), and a variety of production credits for rappers like MattyWood$, Anwar, SlimeSito, and Duwap Kaine. Leading up to the much-anticipated tape Everybody Hates Chris, chrisclay. has reemerged in Atlanta with a DailyChiefers exclusive single “Truth Be Told” featuring MattyWood$. chrisclay. has continued to build a following in the industry, and his arrival to the Atlanta scene will be heard with this new project.

The immense amount of discipline and ear for unique sound that chrisclay. displays, shines through in his project Everybody Hates Chris, while continuing to study and discover new sounds himself. The producer blends tracks created in both his St. Louis and Atlanta studios, doing so with vocal help from artists such as MattyWood$, CRASHJORDY, POSSEMOBAP, and Young Jasper. Referring to this project, chrisclay. claims he experimented with multiple different sounds and vibes, while still showcasing beats recognizable to his fans. EHC, an EP the producer hopes will brand his sound, features plenty of chords and vibes blended with hard hitting drums that are sure to make you move. Post-production, chrisclay. says this project definitely forced him to grow and “learn the process”, showcasing massive patience and the ability to relate to the artists he handpicked for this EP. STARDOM RECORDS encourages fans to get ready for this drum heavy, melodic masterpiece featuring your favorite artists, and also friends of chrisclay.

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